Chaos SixtyNine Poster Book

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Welcome to CHAOS SixtyNine, the CHAOS universe in printed form.

A brand new type of magazine - actually it’s not a magazine. It’s a poster book! Over 100 posters to pull out and put anywhere you want! Who wants to play by the rules anyway? A visual playground where today’s leading creative talents can let their imaginations run wild across its pages. This is a celebration of what makes us, and you tick. So why not step away from the screen and dive in? 

It’s the CHAOS universe, on paper, on your shelf, on your wall.


Cover Four: Lips

Chaos SixtyNine features five iconic covers and contains over 100 pull-out posters, presented as a publication, where each image printed can be removed and stand alone or sit on a wall as a poster. 

Poster book size: H370mm x W300mm

Pull-out poster size: H370mm x W275mm

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